A clear choice for the people of Aberdeen Donside

This is an important election for everyone across Aberdeen. I’m standing because I think it’s critical we have MSPs in Holyrood who can deliver on what matters to local people.

Now, more than ever, we need parliamentarians who know the local economy and will fight for it. I can do that. Through my 10 years working in oil and gas, I’ve built up the experience necessary to represent the workers and employers of Aberdeen in Holyrood.

If I am elected, Aberdeen will not be the SNP’s forgotten city any more. I won't let them get away with underfunding the city, its schools and NHS Grampian. We need MSPs who will speak up for our city, not just sit down and tow the nationalist line.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website. I will update it as the campaign progresses, and you can check out my facebook site which has more recent updates.

29 Feb 2016

Protecting what matters - Education

This morning in Glasgow, the Scottish Labour leader, Kezia Dugdale, made a speech outlining how SNP dishonesty on cuts is a dereliction of duty - and what our alternative plan to austerity is.
We have challenged the SNP again and again on why they won't protect education from cuts, rather than slashing it by 5.4%, according to the IPPR.
If elected as MSP, Scottish Labour colleagues and I would prioritise education because our nation’s economic prosperity depends on it. We cannot compete on low skills and low wages. On productivity the UK still ranks in the bottom half of industrialised nations – and Scotland lags behind the UK. We risk being left further behind in the global economic race. Improving productivity is an urgent national need.
As Kez outlined this morning: In our new powerful Scotland we can do things differently, we should do things differently and we must.

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